2020-04-02 00:53:53
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Mock Trial team reaches Marin County final

By Justine Beales & Elise Jonas-Delson The San Marin Mock Trial Team placed second at the Marin County Mock Trial Competition on Feb. 1, scoring within a margin of 0.78 percentage points […]

New credit recovery program increases rigor for students

After utilizing the credit recovery program Apex for nearly ten years, the Novato Unified School District switched to Cyber High at the start of the 2019-20 school year. Credit recovery teacher Mark […]

Kian Namiranian pursues chess success

Junior Kian Namiranian will compete in the 2020 National Open in Las Vegas, Nevada after placing high at multiple recent tournaments. Namiranian, who is president of the San Marin Chess Club and […]

Opinion: School should teach us valuable life skills

For thirteen years of my life, I have attended school. I have been taught everything from adding, subtracting, how to read and write, grammar, how to find x, to knowing the date […]

Staff reminisces on Janice Blair’s 15 years at San Marin

After 15 years at San Marin in the front office, Registrar Janice Blair is retiring. Blair processes registration requests, schedules classes, maintains class lists, grades, and transfer attendance records. She has committed […]

Students combat fast fashion industry by thrifting

By: Amanda Oppegard With more than 80 billion articles of clothing being produced every year, big name companies including Gap and H&M have been using cheap labor so that their production rate […]

Gender wage gap among athletes remains controversial

Inconsistency in treatment between male and female athletes has been a trend within the athletic industry for decades. A 2018 study conducted by Women in Sport found that 40 percent of female […]